What is a CSA?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture".  People interested in eating sustainably grown vegetables and supporting their local community may become members by buying a "share" before the growing season starts.  The payment upfront goes towards the cost of seeds to be purchased in January, potting soil and compost for the seedlings, the cost of oil for heating the greenhouse, seedling trays, etc.

At the end of June, each member will start receiving their share of vegetables on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, for 16 consecutive weeks, or every-other week for 8 weeks.  The weekly selection includes 6-12 different types of vegetables; the amount of vegetables in each share ranging from approximately $25-$35 per week, depending on availability.  We believe this model of farming is the way of the future, for the following reasons:
  • The need for fuel and the emissions released from transporting produce over great distances (from California, Mexico or China to Ontario) are reduced when we eat locally grown foods, lessening our carbon footprint on this precious planet of ours.
  • Buying locally stimulates the local economy and keeps us farmers in business!
  • Eating certified organic food ensures that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or genetically modified seed have been used in the growing process and are therefore not being transfered into our bodies and environment.
  • Fresh vegetables straight out of the garden TASTE SO MUCH BETTER!!!
We can guarantee our customers that the veggies they receive haven't been sitting in a truck and then on a shelf at the grocery store for a week.  They come out of the field to be sorted, rinsed, and bunched, then go into boxes and are transported to the pickup locations, the farthest from the farm being in Ottawa, 35 minutes away.  We harvest leafy greens, herbs, broccoli and other vegetables that wilt quickly, the day of delivery.  The more hardy plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchinis are harvested the day before, at the earliest, and sit overnight in our cold room.  Some veggies will last for up to 4 weeks in a cool, dry place like the refrigerator or cellar.  In the weekly newsletter members receive with their shares, storage suggestions are included, as well as many cooking ideas and a feature recipe or two.

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What is Organic?

Our vegetables are certified organic by Ecocert Canada, meaning we are inspected annually to ensure that we are following the Canadian Organic Standards and Regulations.  There are many requirements involved in becoming certified organic but here are just a few of the requirements:
  • We use absolutely NO chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.  Pesticides allowed for use in organic production are naturally occurring bacteria found in the soil and can be found on the 'Permitted Substances List' of the Canadian Organic Standards and Regulations.
  • Since we don't use synthetic fertilizers, compost approved for organic agriculture is applied or green manures are grown and tilled into the soil, adding back nutrient and organic matter.  If we decide to use raw animal manure as fertilizer, the following criteria must be met:
    • animals must have access to sunlight
    • animals must be able to move 360 degrees where they are kept
    • the animals' owner must own farmland
  • Since we don't use pesticides or herbicides, we do a lot of hand weeding, hoeing, and bug-picking.  We use row cover to protect crops from pests and black plastic mulch to keep the weeds down.
  • We only use untreated seed and certified organic potting soil for our seedlings.
  • We use absolutely NO genetically modified seed.
  • We have 8 meter buffer strips surrounding our gardens.
Here are the Canadian Organic Growers' 7 Principles of Organic Farming:
  1. Protect the environment & promote a sound state of health
  2. Maintain long-term soil fertility
  3. Maintain biological diversity
  4. Recycle materials & resources
  5. Promote livestock health
  6. Maintain organic integrity
  7. Rely on renewable resources

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