Monday, November 27, 2017

2017 Fall Shares Week #3

Hello members and friends,
Welcome to week #3 of the fall shares and our final distribution of the year. But don't be sad, you can still catch us at the Lansdowne Park Farmers' Market inside the Aberdeen Pavillion throughout December and into the new year. For more info on the Christmas markets, check out the OFM website:

Farm pickups will be ready tomorrow,Tuesday, November 28th, anytime after noon. Don't forget to bring your bags or boxes. Ottawa deliveries will go out Wednesday, November 29th in the afternoon. If you can't be around to receive your delivery, it might be handy to leave out a large cooler or container for the veggies. Otherwise, they will be left in bags at your door.

As another season draws to a close, we have to shout a big thank you out to everyone who supported us this year, and a special thanks to the hardest working crew around, Team Luxy: Kim, Ruth, Jeremy, Sarah, Damon, and everyone else who helped out at the farm this year. Without you, this would not be possible. Thank You! 

In the meantime, here are a few storage tips:
Carrots and beets should go in a cold humid place, in a fridge in the bags you received them in is best(4-5 mos.). Garlic and shallots should go in a cool place that isn't too dry with good air circulation, in a cupboard or on your counter should be fine(3-4 mos.). Squashes should be stored in cool place that is well ventilated (1-3 mos.) Potatoes will be left unwashed and should be kept in a dark cold place in their paper bags (3-5 mos.)

Stay Tuned for occasional updates and news about next year's CSA. Stay Warm and happy eats!

Jonny and Daizy
November 16th, the latest we've ever planted garlic!
Mulching in the snow 
Have a great winter everyone!

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