Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2017 Fall Shares Week #2

Hello members and friends, the 2nd instalment of fall shares are going out this week. For those of you picking up at the farm today (Tue.Nov.14) feel free to come by and grab your veggies anytime after noon and don't forget to bring bags or box to transfer your goodies into. The shares will be packed in blue bins in the shed so just take all the stuff in the box with your name on it. For Ottawa residents, if you won't be around tomorrow (Wed.Nov.15) to receive your delivery leave a cooler or container out for us to drop the veggies into or they will be left at your door in bags.
Here are a few helpful tips for best storage results:
Carrots and beets should go in a cold humid place, in a fridge in the bags you received them in is best(4-5 mos.). Garlic and onions should go in a cool place that isn't too dry with good air circulation, in a cupboard or on your counter should be fine(3-4 mos.). Squashes should be stored in cool place that is well ventilated (1-3 mos.). The butternuts will keep the longest and the delicata the least due to their thin skins so keep that in mind as you use them. Kohlrabi and cabbage can be stored in your crisper or in a cold place in bags.
Happy eats!

Team Luxy

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