Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 CSA Week #4

Hello members,

Here is the list of veg you can expect next week:
*Click on the vegetable above for more recipes!

If there is something you've tried and just don't like, please use the trade box at your pickup! I do urge you to try something once before passing it up - you may be surprised at how different it tastes fresh out of the ground and pesticide-free.

If you're having trouble thinking up new ways to use your veg, stock up on puff pastry or frozen pie crusts for quick veggie quiches; eggs for quiches and omelettes; noodles for vegetable pasta sauces; cranberries, nuts, feta and goat cheese for salads; sesame oil for Asian-style stir-fry; and coconut milk and Patak's butter chicken sauce for quick veggie curry. I'm all about "quick" these days, what with two small children to feed, a business to run, and full-time practical nursing school starting up again in September. While school is out, I will be stuffing the freezer full of various pestos (garlic scape, kale, chard, basil, and carrot top), stews, sauces, pre-baked quiches - whatever I have time for to make things easier in September.
You can also freeze your veggies for winter when the only option is what has been exported from Mexico or California. See details here in our Food Saving Tips.

Get ready for zucchini season! We dole out lots of zucchinis during the season because it is such a delicious and versatile vegetable. Spiralize yourself some zucchini noodles, throw zucchini medallions on the BBQ with your steaks or pork chops, hollow them out and make zucchini boats with an endless combination of stuffings.

Now, here are your recipes for this week:

(By "yellow squash", they mean patty pans)
Happy cooking!

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