Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 CSA Week #1

There are still spots available in our CSA - sign up here! *Check out the list below to see what was harvested for week 1!

Hello members, friends and veggie enthusiasts;

The CSA begins next week for 'Weekly' and 'Bi-weekly A' members! For the first couple of weeks, the harvest will be light. Due to a wet, cold spring, we were delayed getting into the field, resulting in smaller and fewer crops than are typical for this time of year. As the season progresses, we'll add more vegetables to your share, making sure you get exactly what you paid for, including 15% more than what you would get at market for the same price. That means, more of the premium summer/fall crops like tomatoes, potatoes, squashes and carrots! Jonny and I debated about postponing the first pickup but don't want to disrupt your schedules, especially if you planned out your summer around the CSA. We decided that it's better to keep on schedule and make up the loses later when the fields are bursting with vegetation.

We have delayed our start at the farmers' markets but hope to make it to Lansdowne with at least seedlings to sell, beginning June 25th. We will also attend the new Riverside South market on Sundays as well as our usual spot at the Westboro market on Saturdays, shortly thereafter. Stop by and say hello!

We currently have 2 new interns working on the farm, Ruth and Jeremy. Kimmy was an intern from 3 years ago who has returned as a full-time employee. We also have some part-time workers, Sarah and Damon, whom you might spot at the farm or farmers' markets. Together, we make an excellent team so I'm confident it will be a great season, despite the weather challenges we have faced.
Ruth & Jeremy
 Jonny & the first kale bunch of the season.
If you visit the farm, make sure to say hello to Kimmy's chickens. 
 Kimmy, Ruth & Jeremy transplanting in the sun.
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Next week's share will include the following vegetables:
Here are this week's feature recipes:

And when in doubt, chop your veg, saute with salt/pepper/olive oil/herbs, then toss into a pasta, omelette, or quiche.
Happy cooking!

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