Friday, August 19, 2016

CSA Newsletter Week 10

Good morning members,

I urge you to check out our web store; we have 3 kinds of honey from bees here on our farm, maple butter, maple vinegar & maple syrup from nearby Chesterville, coffee roasted in Vars and cool Luxy Farm t-shirts!  Check it out here.

Here is what you can expect at your pickup next week:
Click on the vegetable above for recipes!

Arugula is a wonderful addition to the share.  It can be eaten raw in salad and on sandwiches, sauteed in omlettes and pasta dishes and buzzed into the best pesto (in my opinion!)  It has a wonderfully nutty flavour with a bite.  When the weather is hot, arugula tends to be spicier.  Here are your recipe ideas for the coming week:
Happy cooking!

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