Friday, July 15, 2016

CSA Newsletter Week 5

Hello members,

Here is what you can expect at the pickup next week (weekly and bi-weekly A members):
Click on the vegetable above for recipes.

A CSA member has kindly offered to host the potluck this year.  Since we had it at the farm last year, we will have it in Ottawa on Wednesday, August 3rd near the Sandy Hill pickup on Mann Avenue.  You are a welcome and encouraged to bring your partners, friends and children!  An e-vite will be sent to you with all of the details later today.  This is a great chance to showcase your favourite culinary creations and pick up some new ideas for transforming your Luxy veg.  Please RSVP so we know how many people to expect!

I made a nice discovery two weeks ago that I hope may help some of you!  I found a limp cabbage in the crisper.  Usually I put anything leafy into a plastic bag tied tightly before placing it in the crisper because this will keep it from going limp. This time, someone (ahem, Jonny!) forgot the plastic, so I took the limp cabbage and placed it in Tupperwear to use for cabbage rolls later.  To my surprise, upon retrieving it from the plastic container, the cabbage was completely stiff again, as if it were freshly picked!  I'm going to try this with other limp greens too.  Usually, I would take limp greens and soak them in cold water but this could be a better and simpler solution.

Garlic harvest has begun!  Here are our fantastic interns, who deserve a round of applause for their hard work and dedication.  From left to right, we have Julie-Anne, Stephanie and our newest recruit, Vanessa!  I'd like to thank our wonderful weeders, Mark and Sarah, for their hard work on these hot hot days and Rebecca for her help and infectious smile at the farmers' market on Sundays.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a great team this year!
 We are drying our garlic differently this year - in a garlic tower!
Finally, here are the recipes for this week:
This recipe is gluten-free & vegan.
It requires maple syrup, which we have for sale in our webstore!
Happy cooking!

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