Friday, July 8, 2016

CSA Newsletter Week 4

Hello members,

Here is what you can expect at your next pickup:
Click on the vegetable above for recipes and pics.

We discovered that there weren't enough cucumbers for the week 3 pickups but by next week there will be!  It's zucchini season so start collecting recipes!  If you become overwhelmed by zucchini, take advantage of the trade box and double up on something else, like extra basil for pesto or beets for pickling.  This is your final week of cabbage until the fall.  Cabbage rolls, coleslaw, kimchi and stir fry are all nice ways to use your cabbage.

Here are the feature recipes for week 4:
Check out the Tasty video (I love these!)
I will be trying all of these recipes this weekend!
Enjoy this break from the heat and happy cooking!

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