Friday, June 24, 2016

CSA Newsletter Week 2

Hello veggie lovers!

Weekly and bi-weekly 'B' members, this is what you can expect at the pickup next week:
Click on the vegetable above for pictures and recipes.

In order to make good use of your veggies and not have to spend the entire day in the kitchen preparing them (because who has that kind of time anyway?) add your week's share to quick and simple dishes, like the following:

Omelette/Frittata - filled with sauteed garlic scapes, sauteed chard, grated sharp cheddar and chopped sun dried tomatoes.

Quiche - filled with chopped kale, sauteed green garlic, feta cheese, mild sausage and roasted red peppers.

Pasta - with pesto, sauteed mushrooms, garlic, kale and chard.

Lasagna - with layers of Swiss chard, roasted sweet potato, zucchini noodles, ground beef and fresh basil.

Salad - coleslaw with grated kohlrabi, chopped cabbage, julienned radishes and grated carrots tossed in a creamy dressing.

It doesn't feel repetitive if you have an omelette, pastas, salads and homemade pizzas every week when you're changing up the ingredients/toppings. Enjoy being creative with your vegetables and if you get overwhelmed, throw them all in a soup or freeze them!

Since this is your second week of kohlrabi, here is an easy kohlrabi recipe to try:
And here is an easy recipe for bok choy:

Have a great weekend and happy cooking!

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