Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Final Countdown

Hello members, friends and veggie enthusiasts!

We are counting down the last CSA shares available for this season.  Farm, Rockcliffe and Sandy Hill shares are sold out!  Beacon Hill & Casselman shares are down to the last few.  We had tremendous help starting up our new pickup location in Beacon Hill from Elena Rodriguez.  We are so thankful for her ambition and dedication to bringing local organic food to that community.

We will be attending the Lansdowne Farmers' Market on Sundays, starting June 12th.  We will be at Westboro Farmers' Market on Saturdays, starting the same weekend or shortly thereafter, depending on how the spring crop is flourishing.

Here is what the fields look like now with our new transplants in the ground:

The black biodegradable mulch keeps weeds down and soil temperature up. The irrigation drip tape runs underneath, slowly leaking water for the least amount of waste.
 Seedlings are transplanted directly into the mulch. The area is then shrouded with white row cover to keep the bugs off and the temperature a degree or two warmer than the temperature outside. Row cover is permeable to both sunlight and rain.
 Direct seeded vegetables, such as carrots, radishes, mesclun, arugula, turnips and parsnips, are watered with drip tape or overhead sprinklers.
 Sand-filled weight bags keep the row cover from blowing away.
Jonny, Stephanie and Julie have been working very hard to get these seedlings into the ground and covered up quickly. Thanks guys!
Happy planting!

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  1. Great job, and great job explaining it all! Go Luxy Farm!