Monday, May 2, 2016


Hello members, friends and veggie enthusiasts!

We are hoping to find at least 4 more veggie lovers in Beacon Hill to join our CSA so we can start delivering to that area.  A lovely family has offered to host the pickup so we can continue on to our Rockcliffe and Sandy Hill pickups every Wednesday. If you know anyone in that area, please recommend us!

The interns have arrived and are working away in the greenhouse, preparing the seedlings for transplanting. Jonny was in the field all weekend, cultivating our land, which has received a fresh application of compost. He continued preparations by fitting the beds with biodegradable mulch and irrigation. The weather should be perfect for transplanting this week.

We have two interns so far, Stephanie (back-left) and Julie-Anne (front-right). Stephanie is returning from last season and Julie-Anne came straight from another farm to join our team. We're very lucky to have these motivated and hard-working women helping us out.
The seedlings and garlic are doing well! I'm excited to start eating from our land again. Seven weeks until the first CSA pickup - start collecting recipes!
 Winter squash has been seeded.
 Tomatoes are looking good!
Onions standing tall.
Garlic is up!
 The straw mulch did a great job of protecting the garlic this winter.
Soon we will clear it off so the plants can get the full benefit of Mr. Sun.
 Molly posing in front of the garlic beds.

 We don't just grow vegetables here on Luxy Farm!
Happy May!


  1. Daiz.... keep writing news from the farm, I love the way you write and love the news
    Good luck....

  2. Christine EstermannMay 2, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    Any chance I can get some plants from you again? I haven't planted a single seed yet... My garlic is nice, though!