Monday, August 17, 2015

CSA Newsletter - Week 9

Hello members!

Here is what we will have for you this week:
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The tomatoes are ripening very slowly, due to the cool nights we've been having, the eggplants are not as plentiful as we had hoped and the peppers are lost to the weeds.  On the other hand, it's time to pull up delicious new potatoes for the dinner plate this week.  The beets and carrots are getting big and the garlic is now curing in the barn for the next two weeks.  Once cured, it will last in a cool dry place until spring.  Soon, we will have winter squashes, leeks, shallots, cauliflower and more broccoli to add to the mix.

Last week, we said goodbye to Annelise and Cassandra, who are heading back to school for the fall semester.  Today, we welcome Charlie to the team and later on this week, Stephanie.  Nicholas and Danielle are still with us.  Thanks to all of our interns for their hard work!  And thank you members for your support, patience and understanding!  The weekly pick ups have been going smoothly and we hope you've been enjoying the vegetables so far.
Garlic harvest with Danielle, Annelise, Cassandra and Nic.
 Garlic curing in the barn
The tomatoes are doing extremely well in the greenhouse; they're just taking a little longer than usual to ripen.

Happy cooking!

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