Friday, August 7, 2015

CSA Newsletter - Week 8

Hello members,

This marks the halfway point in our CSA season.  Here is what you can expect at your pick up next week:
Coming soon (maybe even next week!): potatoestomatoes and eggplants!
*Click on the link above for recipes

Jonny cooked us this wonderful lunch: ravioli with kale/scape pesto, sautéed patty pans and eggplants, and steamed garlic scapes and green beans.  Quick, simple and so delicious!
So far, only a few eggplants are a decent size but those few are amazing, both in taste and colour.  We need the whole lot to be of a decent size before we can give them out to the CSA.

The same goes with tomatoes; we only have a few ripe ones and they are tremendous, especially the heirloom varieties.  Our first successful tomato crop in years!  We were smart to grow them in the greenhouse and not bother with field tomatoes this year.  Once we have enough ripe ones all at once, we'll be sure to hand them out to you members!  If they ripen in smaller numbers, we'll have to give them out in batches, one pick up site at a time.  But I assure you, you will get tomatoes this season.
I made stuffed zucchinis and patty pans this week and they were delicious!  Here is my recipe (feeds 6-8):

2 large zucchinis halved & 2-4 medium-large sized patty pans, hollowed out
2 cups cooked brown rice
1 can coconut milk
1 package cooked ground pork (beef, chicken or tofu would also be delicious)
1/2 jar Patak's Butter Chicken Sauce
1 eggplant, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, sauteed (Plus any other veg you want to use up.)

Quick directions:
Combine sautéed eggplant, onion and garlic with cooked pork, coconut milk, butter chicken sauce and cooked rice. Stuff into cavities of summer squash and bake at 375 degrees until squash is fork tender. Enjoy!

If you've had enough kale, freeze it in Ziplock bags for winter cooking or smoothies.  The same goes with garlic scapes and even garlic cloves.  If you haven't yet, try steaming your scapes and toss with a knob of butter and salt.
Happy cooking!

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