Saturday, July 4, 2015

Newsletter - CSA week 3

Hello members!

We hope you are enjoying your farm fresh veggies so far!  Here is what you can expect at the pickup next week:
*Click on the vegetable above for recipes!

If you don't have time to make salad dressing, toss your greens in olive oil and maple vinegar for a quick and delicious alternative.  We had the chance to try the Barkleyvale Maple Vinegar this week and I'm hooked!  Jonny wants to use his bartending skills to create a cocktail with it.  Apparently, it's delicious drizzled on ice cream!  Contact Daizy to order a bottle for next week.

I don't have links to the cilantro and dill because this is the first year we've had a successful crop!  I chopped up a handful of both and tossed them in our salad last night - they are fragrant, soft, luscious herbs that can be added to any dish.  And speaking of cocktails, add a sprig of our dill to a Bloody Caesar and garnish with a dill pickle!

Beautiful bushy dill in the field!
 Cilantro and dill on my counter top!
Try these recipes:
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Spicy Dill Dip
Greek-style Penne with Tomatoes, Feta and Dill

Cilantro recipes - Simple recipe
Cilantro Chicken (Pick up our local Blue Shoes Honey for this one!)
Cilantro Salad
Spicy Cilantro Salad
Quick ways to use leftover cilantro

Happy cooking and thanks for reading!

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