Friday, July 31, 2015

CSA Newsletter - Week 7

Hello members,

Here is what you can expect at your pickup next week:
*Click on the link above for recipes

Today I made this Lime green beans recipe and added freshly grated parmesan - delicious!  These also look good:
Green bean pasta salad with sun dried tomato vinaigrette
New potato salad with buttermilk dressing (and green beans).
Eventually, you will also receive yellow and purple beans so stock up on bean recipes.

Summer onions are not cured with the papery shell that allows them to store for long periods, they're freshly pulled from the ground, very juicy and should be kept in the fridge.  Caramelize them to release that lovely sweetness or eat thinly sliced raw onion rings on sandwiches and burgers.  Jonny loves to acidulate his onions by slicing thinly and bathing in vinegar for a day before garnishing his meals.

Need to use up your zucchinis?  This looks good:
Fire & Ice Zucchini Soup with Grilled Corn Salsa

I also made a simple coleslaw today with red cabbage, apple, kohlrabi, basil, carrots and red pepper, dressed with Jonny's dressing.  Here are some other great ideas for your red cabbage:
Red cabbage, apple and pecan slaw
Red cabbage salad with blue cheese and maple-glazed walnuts
Red cabbage braised with apple, bacon and balsamic vinegar
Happy cooking!

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