Friday, June 26, 2015

Newsletter - CSA week 2

Hello members!

Bi-weekly 'B' members will be picking up for the first time next week!  Ottawa pickups are scheduled for Thursday, July 2nd, due to Canada Day.

Here is your list of veggies for the coming week:

Garlic scapes
Green garlic
Napa cabbage
Green onions/scallions
Kohlrabi - you can eat the greens, too!
Italian (Dinosaur) kale
Bok choy
2 types of lettuces - most likely, butterhead (aka Boston) and romaine
Hakurei turnips
*Click on the vegetable above for a brief description and recipes.

CSA vegetables can be intimidating, especially if you've never tried them before.  Look up recipes before picking up your share and make a plan for the week ahead.  If you're finding the shares are too big for you to get through in one week, freeze the freezable items for later, such as your garlic scapes and kale from this week's list.  Make a big batch of garlic scape & kale pesto to freeze for winter.

Make different salads every day and enjoy the fresh greens in these few months where it's possible.  Everything is harvested the day of pickup - you'll never taste fresher vegetables!  Use your kale in smoothies, omelets, pasta dishes, quiches. on pizzas.  Make a coleslaw out of your napa cabbage, kohlrabi and turnips, to pair with a pulled-pork sandwich or grilled meats.  Check out this recipe for Roasted Hakurei Turnips with Israeli Couscous Salad and use the whole bunch in one go, including the greens, which are highly nutritious and delicious!  Here are some nutritional facts about turnip greens.  Stir-fry your bok choy and sliced turnips with ginger, green garlic and scallions.  Here's a recipe for Bok choy salad, which also includes scallions.  Good luck and enjoy the bounty!

Happy creative cooking!

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