Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meet The Interns!

Hello members, friends, and veggie enthusiasts!

It's now time to meet our 2015 interns.

Hello there! I'm Danielle and I come all the way from the city of Gatineau, so "bonjour à vous tous!" I'm currently studying holistic nutrition. I've come to Luxy to learn how to grow veggies the best way possible: organically! I have no green thumb so hopefully by the end of this great opportunity, I'll have a whole green hand and marvellous new friendships. I look forward to seeing you all at CSA pickups and farmers' markets. See you soon!
Danielle in action: transplanting brassicas (above) and potting up (below).
Heyyo. My name is Annelise and I am excited to be a part of the Luxy Farm team this summer!! I just finished my first year at McGill studying Environment and decided that textbook learning just isn't enough. I wanted to get some hands-on experience, so I thought that farming would be a perfect opportunity to do just that. So far it has been great, and I am eager to get those beautiful veggies growing and growing for you guys!!!
Annelise in action: watering the seedlings inside the greenhouse and outside while they harden off in preparation for being transplanted.
And finally, this is Cassandra! She is a University of Guelph horticulture student, fulfilling the summer placement portion of her program. She brings an assortment of skills and knowledge to Luxy that we are all benefiting from and will be a wonderful team leader when she starts her own CSA, someday.
Cassandra in action: potting up!
And there is our team! We are so pleased to have them join us. We will have a new crop of interns to introduce to you later this summer. In the meantime, we're busy getting the seedlings out of the greenhouse and into the field. It's go go go time!

The garlic has also been busy! Get your garlic scape recipes ready for the first pickup in June!
Stay tuned; in the next post, I will introduce the latest addition to our Näf Clan, who will be arriving any day now via stork (I wish!)
Happy Spring!

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