Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Photo Update

Hello members and friends!

We checked the garlic last night and the ground is still frozen under that straw mulch. The snow just melted this weekend but it will be a few more weeks until we can actually get out there with our seedlings.
Did we take our dog to the lake last night?
 Nope, that's part of our field! We need some heat, Mother Nature!
 Inside the greenhouse, the plants are flourishing! We are having much better germination results than last year with our new potting soil.
The onions have been trimmed with Jonny's new onion trimmer invention! Now the plants can put all of their energy into the roots.
 The brassicas are filling out nicely.
Today, Jonny is seeding the second succession planting of kohlrabi.
 These tomatoes will be planted into the greenhouse ground once we move all the seedlings outside. We've given up on field tomatoes but still have hope that our greenhouse tomatoes will be less susceptible to disease!
 That's me, admiring the eggplant seedlings that will be as purple and round as I currently am! One month to go until a new farmer is born!
I will be introducing our new interns in the next update so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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