Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring has (almost) arrived!

I finally did it!  After 6 years of collecting and creating recipes, I've sorted them into alphabetical order by vegetable.  This should make it easier for members to locate recipes each week.  Send me your favourite recipes and I'll add them to the archives!  I have lots more to type up before the baby arrives in two months.

The greenhouse work is moving along.  Jonny has been out there seeding almost daily, along with some lovely volunteers (past and new interns!)  The onions, shallots and leeks are done and today he's working on celeriac (celery root.)

In April, Danielle and Cassandra will be joining our team!  In May, Annelise will arrive and in July, Nick will begin his internship.  We still need one more person to help us this fall.  I'm looking forward to having these great people on the farm so soon!

It's warm in there!

Happy spring!!!

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