Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy new year!

2015 has arrived and over $4000 worth of seed has been ordered!  We should receive our packets of untreated, non-GMO seed any day now.  We are growing 34 different types of vegetables this year with multiple varieties of each.  Some notable additions to the selection; purple, orange, yellow and RED carrots to complete the rainbow; 'Fairytail' eggplants with purple and white stripes; beefsteak and cherry tomatoes will be grown in the greenhouse exclusively; parsnip and celery root have been added to the roster; the limited amount of soft-neck garlic for braiding won't be added to the CSA boxes but will be available for sale.  Unfortunately, we won't be growing sweet potatoes this year as our clay soil is too heavy for worth-while yields. 
Jonny made the garden plan and finished the accompanying calculations in order to know how much seed of each vegetable to purchase.  We will grow on approximately 4 acres in a different section of the field, following our crop rotation practices.

The intern posting is up and we are hiring 3 new interns to help with the heavy work load this year.  The CSA is 36% full and we will max out around 75 members - our biggest CSA yet!  We will attend the Westboro Farmers' Market and the new Lansdowne location starting in June.  I'm excited to see how the Sunday market looks and feels at its new home in Lansdowne Park.

We're also having our second baby in June (great timing for farmers!) which means I will be BUSY.  I will continue working in the office (farmers don't get maternity leave!) but Jonny will pick up the slack if I can't keep up!  I'm glad he's getting some rest this winter, in between garden planning and milking shifts at the neighbour's dairy farm, because he's gonna need it!

It was a nice change of scenery for me, working for my fifth year at nearby Swiss Farmer Bakery over the last few months.  Now I'm buckling down with administrative work, preparing for baby #2 and navigating my way through an Algonquin College computer business course.  I NEED to stay busy in the winter to ward off those winter blues.  And let's not forget our energetic little toddler!  Ayla has been busy building her impressive vocabulary, taking gymnastics and swimming lessons, and enjoying cuddle time with her family.

In 7 weeks, we'll fire up the oil and wood fuelled furnace in the greenhouse to begin seeding.  Shortly thereafter, our warm little oasis will be budding with luscious greens and we will once again be picking dirt out from under our nails.  It's my favourite time of the farming season; the work is fresh again and we're not yet exhausted from 12 hour days of endless weeding and harvesting.  Oh the joys!

Finally, I want to thank our CSA members.  Some of you have signed up for your seventh year with us, beginning when we were just interns ourselves in 2009.  Your support has enabled us to continue on this adventure - we couldn't have done it without you.  THANK YOU!!!  Happy new year! - Luxy

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