Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 12 - CSA Newsletter 2014

Hello members!
Here is your list of veggies for next week's pickup:
  • bok choy
  • leeks
  • spicy mixed greens
  • onions
  • rutabaga
  • cucumbers
  • yellow beans (if they continue to produce, fingers crossed!)
  • beets
  • garlic
  • potatoes
  • one surprise item - watermelon!
Bok choy is back!  Stir fry or steam and toss with soy sauce, sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds or add plain to pasta dishes, especially Asian style pasta dishes like this: Vegetarian Pad Thai (with bok choy)
Leeks are also great with pasta, quiches, omelettes, and just about anything else you plan to cook.  The same goes with onion and garlic!  Here are some more recipes to try:
More leek recipes from week 7
Rutabaga is a crop we haven't grown in a few years!  They are delicious roasted with other vegetables, such as onions, carrots, potatoes and beets, and are especially tasty in stews, soups and crock pot creations.
You can continue making salads with your spicy mixed greens and cucumbers; try grating in raw carrots (if you have any left) and beets.  Have you got a sweet tooth like me?  Try these Chocolate beet cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  So delicious.
We think the yellow beans will make one more appearance before that crop is finished.  Here is a simple recipe to try: garlic yellow beans.
Still have potatoes left from last week?  Roast potato wedges and sprinkle with fresh St. Albert cheese curds and this vegetarian gravy (minus the nutritional yeast flakes, since I don't have any.)  We quite enjoyed our homemade poutine, accompanied by braised leeks and beer!
The winter squash are almost ready!  Look forward to a variety of these tasty fall vegetables in the coming weeks.
Happy cooking!
Team Luxy

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