Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 11 - CSA Newsletter 2014

Good afternoon members!
Here is your list of veggies for the coming week:
  • lettuce mix
  • carrots
  • beets
  • yellow beans
  • russet potatoes
  • cucumbers
  • zucchinis
  • garlic
And possibly one of the following: eggplants, peppers, shallots, leeks.

Lettuce mix is back!  I've been missing my salads so the spicy mustard greens were a welcome return to our table this week and replaced the kale and chard I had initially promised.  Your greens next week are a mix of mild and tender baby lettuces, without the bite.
Carrots and beets will be in all of your remaining shares, as well as garlic and potatoes.  The garlic variety you receive is called 'Music' and we have lots of it cured in the barn to last all winter, should you decide to stock up before the CSA is over in six weeks.  Your potato variety this week is a russet type, particularly good for baking, mashing and fries, since it has a higher level of starch.  You have been and will continue to receive 3 lbs of potatoes in each share.
Garlic mashed potatoes
Garlic and herb potato wedges
Scalloped potato gratin
Oven roasted potato fries
Yellow beans are around for another week or two so check out the recipes posted last week or find more ideas here: Canadian Living yellow and green bean recipes, Martha Stewart yellow bean info and recipes.
We're now harvesting from the late planting of cucumbers and they are much better from the first planting, in my opinion!  Get creative with your cucumbers and try some of these recipes: Martha Stewart cucumber recipes, Eating Well cucumber recipes.
The zucchinis are still pumping out fruit!  I will be sad when they stop in the next few weeks.  I just LOVE zucchinis.  Here are my two favourite zucchini recipes: Zucchini cake with cream cheese icing (scroll down to the bottom of the page) and Zucchini carrot fritters/pancakes with Ginger soy dipping sauce (separate recipes that go together extremely well!)
Happy cooking y'all!
Team Luxy

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