Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 4 - CSA Newsletter 2014

Good day, fellow veggie eaters,

I hope you are enjoying the flavours of your share so far, and having fun being creative in the kitchen!

For week 4, you can expect the following (a few changes were made harvest day):
  • garlic * ail
  • lettuce mix * salade
  • Napa cabbage * chou chinois
  • green onions * oignons verts
  • kale * chou fris√©
  • spinach or cucumber * √©pinards ou concombre
  • romaine lettuce* laitue romaine
  • zucchinis * courgettes
More garlic, and much more to come! Every week you will receive 2-3 heads of garlic.  If you find this is too much for you, exchange it for something else in the trade box at your pickup or freeze the cloves for use in the winter.  Roast your garlic and make a paste to keep in the fridge or freezer.  The garlic you receive in August will be cured and will last in a cool, dry place (like a pantry) until next spring.
Next week, we expect broccoli to be on the menu!  The bean plants are looking great; we're just waiting for them to flower and produce fruit.  The re-seeded beets had better germination this time around and the carrots need to be weeded but should grow more quickly after that and be available in a few weeks.  We've been picking lots of potato beetles from leaves and expect to get a great crop of potatoes in the fall.  I noticed one plant beginning to flower while harvesting for this weekend's markets.
For napa cabbage, green onion, kale, spinach & zucchini recipes, refer to the week 3 newsletter and the recipe tabs above.
There are 101 ways to prepare zucchinis so start collecting ideas now because you will have zucchinis in your share for many weeks to come!  If you don't want to eat them now, grate them and freeze for zucchini cakes & muffins, soups & stews.  Marinate zucchini medallions in your favourite salad dressing and BBQ.  Slice them lengthwise to use as lasagna noodles or get a spiralizer for fettuccine-style noodles.
I made my first batch of zucchini muffins yesterday but used only 1 cup of sugar and replaced one cup of the white flour for whole wheat flour, and of course, added a cup each of chocolate chips and toasted pecans and almond slices.

Recipe update: I made kale blueberry pancakes for lunch and they turned out really well!

I will post more recipes here and in the recipe tabs as I collect them this week.  Feel free to leave recipes in the comment box below or email them to me so I can post them for other members.
Have a great weekend!
Team Luxy

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