Friday, June 27, 2014

Week 2 - CSA Newsletter 2014

Good afternoon members,

As requested by members last season, I'm sending this out early so you can plan your culinary adventures for the week.  Most people do their shopping on Saturdays; this way, you'll know what to add/not add to your grocery cart.  That being said, we don't harvest until Wednesday so the contents of your share may be altered slightly, depending on how things progress in the garden.

Week 2 Goodies: Updated items (garden surprises) July 1st!
  • bok choy
  • green onions *  oignons verts
  • swiss chard *  bette à carde
  • lettuce mix * mélange de laitues
  • garlic scapes * fleurs d'ail
  • Hakurei turnips * navet Hakurei
  • radishes * radis
  • sugar snap peas * pois
  • kohlrabi * chou-rave
Side note: This might be the first year we have a full share by week 2!  Usually, they start small and get to full size by week 3 or 4!  Thanks Mother Nature!
This share is similar to last week, so please refer to the recipes in the Week 1 Newsletter and the recipe tabs above.  There are lots of great ideas there, including swiss chard and scape pesto and swiss chard lasagna with ricotta and mushrooms.

Here are tons of other great relevant recipes for scapes, chard, turnips, etc.  This link will come in handy all year so bookmark it!

Garden Update:

The plants are getting big!  I suspect we'll be harvesting more peas plus napa cabbage, kale and zucchinis for week 3 and/or 4!  Unfortunately, our beets had poor germination so Jonny had to reorder more seed, needless to say, beets will be later than usual.  Our tomato seedlings are terribly small and will also be delayed so if you're nuts about tomato, I recommend visiting the farmers' market to fill in the gaps!  We'll be at Westboro and Brewer this weekend selling garlic scapes, lettuce mix, turnips, radishes, bok choy and onions so please come by and say hello!  Don't forget to wear red for Canada Day!  As I come across more tasty recipes, I will add them to the recipe tabs above, so check back if you need more ideas.
Rainbow swiss chard
Garlic scapes are not only delicious but also great fun for toddlers!
Hakurei turnips, chopped for soup (you can eat the greens too!)
Preping for my week 1 soup

 First in: garlic scapes, young garlic bulbs and onions.
Oh yeah! Healthy AND delicious!
Ingredients: scapes, onions, fresh garlic, bok choy, sweet potatoes, turnips, red bell pepper, zucchinis, chicken stock, herbs, salt & pepper.
I then roasted turnips, radishes, and asparagus (from the farmers' market) tossed in a mixture of olive oil, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup - also delicious.
Have a great weekend and happy cooking!
Team Luxy

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