Saturday, May 10, 2014

May Update

Hello members, friends and veggie enthusiasts!

Lots of things are happening here on Luxy Farm but transplanting isn't one of them.  The weather has delayed us now by two weeks but it's finally drying up out there.  Hopefully by next week, we'll be putting our seedlings in the ground.  Here are some things we have accomplished, despite the dismal weather:

  • We are on schedule with the greenhouse seeding, thanks to our fabulous new interns, Sara, Chloé and Rebecca!  The seedlings are growing but would really benefit from a consistent supply of sunshine and heat.  We are finished potting up the tomato seedlings and will continue doing the same with the peppers and eggplants.  (Potting up: transplanting seedlings into large celled trays for more room and nutrients.)
  • We've been harvesting spinach and kale that we planted in the greenhouse last fall.  It came out of dormancy when we started heating the greenhouse and is getting quite tall, peeking out from under the tables on which the seedlings sit.  There is a new crop of mesclun mix that Jonny seeded at the back of the greenhouse, which should be ready next week.
  • Brewer market began last week and Westboro market begins next Saturday, May 17th.  We're still not sure when we'll be ready to attend but look forward to it immensely!
  • As I was weeding the asparagus beside the greenhouse yesterday, I discovered the soil was quite dry.  I excitedly told Jonny that we should seed some quick-growing crops for the markets and first CSA boxes, which he did promptly!  There are now 5 beds freshly seeded with arugula, radishes, Hakurai turnips, mixed greens, and baby lettuces!  The asparagus is popping up too but since we planted the 1-year old crowns only last spring, we'll need to harvest sparingly this year to let the plants grow stronger and become more established before starting the regular harvest next year.

  • We cleaned and organized various buildings around the farm, including the two intern trailers and the chicken coop, which is now home to Chloé's 13 layer hens and 1 rooster!

  • Our new market banner and t-shirts have arrived and look fabulous!  Eventually, we will have t-shirts to sell through the web store, adorned with Gideon Näf's fabulous Luxy logo, of course!
  • Our organic certification renewal is in and paid for and the annual inspection will occur within the next few months.  We have also renewed with Savour Ottawa and will be getting new trading cards soon!
  • We spent this afternoon weeding the garlic, which is growing quickly now.  I'm looking forward to the first harvest of garlic scapes!  The CSA will get to try them, too!  Delicious.
And now, it's time for MEET THE INTERNS!

Introducing Chloé!
"Howdee!  I am Chloé and very happy to be part of the Luxy Farm team this year.  I've been here for 3 weeks so far and already, I feel blessed and very much at home in this beautiful countryside.  I finally completed a degree in anthropology in December, amidst many travels and wanders, and now I feel it is my time, in moving towards a lifestyle I seek, to do some hands-on learning.  I love bugs, dogs, permaculture, plants, food, reading, chickens (I am now the proud mama of 13 laying hens and one very statuesque rooster, called Farley) and taking long, slow walks in nature!"

 Introducing Rebecca!
"Hello!  My name is Rebecca and I'm 25 years young.  I've recently joined the Luxy crew in hopes of educating myself in something I've never tried before.  And guess what?!  It is awesome!  I hope one day soon, I'll be able to apply all of this fabulous knowledge to my long term goal of building a sustainable life style in my dream earthship home.  I'm excited to meet you all and chat your ear off about our yummy organic goodness!  Stay on the green side of life and remember, wear sunscreen in the greenhouse!"

 Introducing Sara!
"Hola Luxy Fans!  My name is Sara and I'm super psyched to be helping out on Luxy Farm this summer. I've never planted a thing in my life. The only plants we ever had in the house must have survived on air because we paid them very little attention (if any at all); it is a miracle they survived.  But after having studied Environment and International Development in school, and after coming to the conclusion that the best way for me to help the environment and others is to live as simply as possible, I've decided to learn how to produce my own food.  And thus here I am.  Learning that although it takes much planning and organization to run a market garden, actually growing things can be pretty straight forward.  I look forward to seeing you at the market and the CSA pickups!  And if you would like to get to know me better or for an inside look at the farm you can always check out my blog at  Cheers!"

If you're new to Luxy and haven't met us yet, that's me Daizy, on the left, Jonny in the middle, and our lovely giggly daughter, Ayla Bea!
If you pick up at the farm, you'll meet Molly, our doorbell!
And possibly Mary Lou and Django, our cuddly mouse killers!
Have a happy May everyone!
Team Luxy

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