Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of May Photo Update

Busy times here at Luxy!  Our first and only asparagus harvest was delicious!  We plan on planting more crowns next year.  We'll be able to harvest the 100 plants we currently have fully next season when they are a mature 3 years of age.
The garlic is looking fabulous so far!
Many of our seedlings are outside the greenhouse hardening off, in order to prepare them for transplanting.  The tomatoes are still inside and not growing as quickly as we would like.  Come on sunshine!
The brassicas are doing well in the field under the row cover and black plastic mulch.
Here we are transplanting those brassicas!
That's Chloé on the left, me (Daizy) in the middle and Sara on the right.
(Photo taken by Rebecca Mackenzie.)
Here's another gorgeous photo, taken by Rebecca.  That's Jonny seeding under a stormy sky; "Get 'em in before the rain!"  We've got lots of seeds in the ground now.
Including peas!  Here they come!
The chickens are enjoying their new home dans le poulailler Luxy.
Here we are yesterday, unpacking the cucurbit seedlings - it was quite cold!
(From left to right: Rebecca, Sara & Chloé.)
 Those cucumbers, zucchinis, patty pans and winter squash are all in the ground now.
If only we had some sunshine!
And finally, here are the soy beans we are planting this year. It's our first time trying a cash crop - a gamble for us but the potential to be great for the health of our farm and ourselves, since we are growing them organically. In previous years, we rented our land out to conventional growers and were at risk of breathing in chemicals being sprayed in the surrounding fields.  If we can help it, we'll never have chemicals sprayed on our land again!
 The CSA is now full and begins in 4 weeks!  I will send out another update mid-June to remind our members of their first pickup.  We'll be at the Brewer Farmers' Market every Sunday starting June 15th and at the Westboro Market every Saturday, hopefully by June 28th, if not sooner!  Thanks for tuning in!
Team Luxy

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