Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brrrrrrrr! Here comes winter once again.

Hey winter, not so fast!  We still have 5 market days left; this Saturday is the final Westboro Market in Byron Park and Brewer Park Market continues every Sunday until November 17!  Then we have the Christmas Markets at the Ernst & Young Centre, Dec 14 &15!
Lots of veg left to stock up on!  We lost a crop of carrots in the spring that were washed out by the rain but now the garden is making up for it!  We have loads of carrots left that we're selling in 2 & 5 lbs bags that will last in the fridge for months.  They're so sweet, thanks to that frost!  (I'm probably the only person in Canada to thank the frost.)  I woke up this morning to -3.9 degrees and frost-covered grass, barn, vehicles; too much frost!  It's not nice weather to work in, unfortunately.
Molly blowing away in the fierce wind.
 The last of Luxy lettuce; beautiful purple romaine.
 A few things are left in the field to clean up.
 Lots of beets!
 And even more carrots!
 Pretty pooch posing for a picture on our nice strip of clover!
 Joséphine & Kim bagging carrots & beets for the market.
 5 lbs beets
 2 lbs carrots
 5 lbs carrots
 Hopefully the spinach in the greenhouse will last until December.
 Same hope goes for the kale which is adorned with row cover inside the greenhouse.
 A gift from Ayla's grandmas; an oak tree for her first birthday. ('Eh-la' in Hebrew is "oak tree" but we pronounce her name 'Eye-la' cause it sounds prettier.)
The light frosts in September, followed by a good few weeks of curing in the greenhouse at 25 degrees C, has given our winter squashes a boost of sugar; the delicatas in particular, are so incredibly sweet!  I made this squash medley soup for our siblings who just had babies (that's right, two nieces born a day apart, one shares my birthday!) and it tastes like I added a cup of maple syrup!  Delicious.
Those are my neighbour's duck eggs! There are perks to living in the country!
Don't be a stranger, come visit us at the farmers' markets! Happy cooking!

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