Monday, September 23, 2013

CSA Newsletter - Week #14 (2013)

Hello members and happy fall!
Your vegetable selection for this week includes:
  • delicata squash * delicata courge
  • pie pumpkin * citrouille
  • brussels sprouts * choux de Bruxelles
  • arugula * roquette
  • Gold Rush potatoes (russet variety) * patates Gold Rush (variété Russet)
  • baby spinach * épinards
  • bok choy
  • carrots * carottes
  • garlic * ail
Delicata squash looks like this: 
and can be sliced in half, seeds removed and baked until fork tender with butter and brown sugar.  Add chili flakes and salt to give it a bite.  Pie pumpkins can be used in soup or pie.  I've perfected my pumpkin pie recipe!  Brussels sprouts are great steamed and topped with shredded cheese or sautéed with bacon.  Add them to casseroles, soups, stews and pasta dishes.  Check out these brussels sprouts recipes.  Arugula is one of my favourite greens because of its peppery nutty flavour and numerous health benefits.  Arugula makes my favourite pesto!  Toss the raw greens into salad or fold into hot pasta dishes and omelets.  Try this spaghetti with shrimp and arugula recipe (also one of my favourite dishes!)

Potatoes are back for roasting, making potato pancakes served with sour cream, frying and scalloping.  Scalloped potatoes is a great dish for Thanksgiving.  Baby spinach can be used the same way as arugula.  Try making spinach pie or spanakopita.  Make this greens and cheese strudel with both your spinach and arugula.  Bok choy is a delicious Asian green, easily prepared by sautéing with butter or oil and garlic.  Add some sesame oil and soy sauce for an Asian twist.  Baby carrots can be added to any dish, soup or stew (if you manage to get them home without devouring the whole lot first!)  If your garlic supply is overwhelming you, trade it in this week for something in our trade box or put it into your cellar, cupboard or pantry.  It will last there until spring, as long as it's dry and cool.  Use it up if it starts to sprout by roasting, puréeing and storing in a jar in the fridge.
Happy cooking!

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