Monday, August 19, 2013

CSA Newsletter - Week #9 (2013)

Good afternoon members!
With Curdfest and both markets, it was a very busy weekend!
Kim at Curdfest
Our friend Trish from Toronto kept me company all weekend
while Jonny and his mom worked the markets.
Our certification inspection last week went extremely well!  We'll be certified organic as soon as the paperwork goes through!  All of this hard work has finally paid off.
Your selection of soon-to-be CERTIFIED ORGANIC veggies(!) this week:
  • tomatoes * tomate (FINALLY!!!)
  • basil * basilic
  • lettuce * laitue
  • garlic * ail
  • kale * chou fris√©
  • Swiss chard * bette √† carde
  • cucumbers * concombres
  • zucchinis * courgettes
We apologize on behalf of mother nature for such late tomatoes.  The wet spring had a big effect on our timing but we're finally seeing some progress.  The tomatoes are finally turning colour, the eggplants have small fruits and next week, we'll start digging out the potatoes!  The squashes are getting large so we'll have some heavy fall boxes but those yellow beans are really taking their time.

Taste the season's first tomatoes in a salad with lettuce, cucumber and roasted garlic vinaigrette or keep it simple with basil, bocconcini cheese and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The garlic you are receiving now has been cured and will last all winter.  Keep it stored in a cool dry place, like a pantry, and use well into next spring.  Add swiss chard and/or kale to your zucchini lasagna.  If you prefer noodles, try this Chard lasagna with ricotta and mushrooms.  This link will take you to a whole world of zucchini recipes, from 'Zucchini oven chips' to 'Cruchy zucchini rounds with sun-dried tomato and goat cheese':,,20509747,00.html.  For me, making cucumbers exciting is a challenge.  Here is a list of ideas if you're getting bored with plain old cucumber slices in salad:

Send me photos of your kitchen adventures so I can put them in the next newsletter and post your favourite recipes in the comment box below!  
Happy cooking!

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