Monday, August 26, 2013

CSA Newsletter - Week #10 (2013)

Hello members!
What a fabulous weekend!  I hope you enjoyed the sunshine.  It's hard to believe Labour Day weekend is approaching already.  As fall quickly draws near, the bounty will become heavier and so will your shares.  This week, we are excited to have new potatoes and eggplants for you!  I've been looking forward to these all summer!  Here's the list:
  • 'Gold Rush' new potatoes * Patates
  • Baby eggplants * Aubergines
  • Tomatoes * Tomates
  • Beets * Betteraves
  • Onions * Oignons
  • Zucchinis * Courgettes
  • Cucumbers * Concombres
  • Lettuce * Laitue
  • Garlic * Ail
Fries, latkes, rosti, salad; you can't go wrong with potatoes!  If you want to go simple, season your chopped potatoes (skin-on 'cause that's where all the nutrients are!) with rosemary, salt and pepper, and roast until tender.  Serve with garlic aioli.
Eggplants are amazing yet so many people admit to hating them.  I'm convinced this is because they haven't been cooked properly.  Roast your eggplants on the bbq to make a smoky baba ganoush or simply slice, marinate in your favourite vinaigrette and grill on the bbq.  Eggplant caponata and eggplant zucchini carpaccio are some more complex recipes to try.  You have a small portion of tomatoes again this week - we're still waiting for the rest to change colour.  Beet and potato salad is a favourite here at Luxy or try my Raw beet and quinoa salad recipe.  Onions and garlic should go into everything you cook!  Caramelized onions are fantastic in omelets, quiches, on meat, in pasta and on pizza.  Zucchini and cucumber can go in these quesadillas (yes, I've been sautéing cucumber and it's GOOD!)  Try these Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips.  I'll add more recipes here as the week goes on!

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