Monday, July 29, 2013

CSA Newsletter - week #6 (2013)

Hello members!

We picked for 4 hours this morning and were able to get enough beans for the shares this week!  And they are delicious!  A nice way to cook them is in a pan with butter and garlic; simple and tasty.

Here is the list for this week's pickup:
  • Romaine lettuce * Laitue romaine
  • Kale * Chou frisé
  • Rainbow Swiss chard * Bette à carde
  • Korean purple garlic * Ail
  • Rainbow beets * Betteraves
  • Green beans * Haricot verts
  • Cucumbers * Concombres
  • Zucchinis * Courgettes
  • Green onions (scallions) *  Échalote
I've been slowly adding more recipes to each of the recipe pages located in the menu tabs at the top of the page.  Click around to each of the different weeks to find lots of ideas for cooking your kale.  At some point (maybe this winter) I'll categorize the recipes by vegetable, for easy browsing.  Swiss chard and lettuce can be chopped into a salad and eaten raw but I like my rainbow chard with pasta.  You can quickly sauté chard before adding it to any pasta dish or put it in raw and the steaming pasta will wilt it.  It's great in lasagna and can act as a substitute for spinach.  If you haven't tried the greens & cheese strudel, now is a good time with your kale, chard and even the green onions - it's well worth the labour.

Speaking of green onions, these are nice chopped into soup and onto pasta, especially asian noodle dishes, such as pad thai.  Eventually, you will receive a variety of onions but the bulbs are developing slowly.  Korean purple garlic is a new variety for us.  So far, you've received a variety called Music which has done well in our garden the past four years.  They are both hardneck varieties grown in northern climates but Korean purple is a heritage variety and hard to find!  Apparently, it is a favourite among garlic connoisseurs and has a great spicy flavour.
Instead of the usual purple beets, you will receive a mix of yellow, purple and chioggia (aka candy cane) beets.  The yellow and chioggia have a milder, less earthy flavour and look fantastic.  If you want to preserve the colour without having the purple beets bleed and stain them, cook separately by peeling and roasting in separate tinfoil packages until tender.  Goat cheese and feta taste fantastic crumbled on top.

If butter and garlic is too simple for your green beans, add a splash of sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds.  To use up a good portion of your share quickly, add whole green beans and whole garlic cloves to a roasting dish along with chopped beets and zucchinis.  Toss in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, herbs, salt and pepper and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 45 min, making sure to stir the veggies halfway through so they don't get stuck to the bottom.  Chop kale and chard and add to the mixture during the last 3-5 minutes, making sure to coat the leaves with the juices in the dish.  Serve on a bed of rice or pasta and pesto.

The garlic harvest is complete!  Here are a few pictures from the 5 days it took to harvest and hang the entire crop.
Jo & Kim, our incredible worker bees, havin' a laugh on the wagon!
Behind the girls is the barn where the garlic was hung in the hay loft.
First, it all had to be carried up to the hay loft - heavy lifting!
The garlic is hanging from rope tied to the rafters in order to cure properly.
  Greg, our intern from last year, came for a visit and helped to harvest the final bed of garlic, which seemed like an appropriate time for a visit, seeing as he was a part of the crew who planted it last fall!

Happy cooking!
Team Luxy

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