Friday, June 7, 2013

Vegetables For Sale

Finally!  We have veggies for sale here at the farm (order via email until our online store is ready to take orders: or at the Ottawa Farmers' Market in Westboro's Byron Park on Saturday (9:30am-3pm) and Brewer Park on Sunday (8am-3pm)

Available now:
arugula - $5/bag (1/2 lb)
baby lettuce mix - $5/bag (1/2 lb)
green leaf head lettuce - $3 each
bok choy - $2.50 each
chives (with flowers) - $2.50/bunch
radishes - $3/bunch

We still have room in the CSA which begins in a few weeks!  Spread the word!
Jonny & Joséphine loading up the tractor with melon seedlings.
They were transplanted yesterday!
 The greenhouse is full of our new baby seedlings for succession planting.
The big seedlings you see are peppers and tomatoes,
to be transplanted next week.
 Arugula ready for harvest. 
The row cover keeps those pesky flea beetles from eating our crop!
 Hello ladies!
Joséphine is taking care of 4 layer hens this year.
She gets an egg out of each of them every day.
 The field is filling up quickly and weeding has begun,
with our trusty John Deere!
 Jonny & Jo off to transplant the melons.
 Jo transplanting purple kohlrabi under the row cover.
 That's me! Mom came to babysit so I could transplant onions and leeks!
 Jonny working hard.
Well, enjoy the weekend and cross your fingers for some sunshine!

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