Sunday, April 28, 2013

Late-April photo update - Spring has sprung, finally!

A gorgeous, sunny, Saturday afternoon in the greenhouse.
 Ayla's much happier attached to me than she is sitting in her stroller watching me water the seedlings from a distance.

 The bok choy is ready to be transplanted.
 So is the cauliflower, broccoli and kale.
 Swiss chard
 Tender baby lettuces
 Newly seeded melon trays
 Last year's garden is behind us now...literally.
 The soil is almost dry enough to disc! Hopefully, Jonny will be out there next weekend preparing the field for the transplants.
 The garlic is out to greet the sunshine! The straw mulch does a wonderful job of retaining heat and keeping the weeds down.
 One of two intern tents
 The intern trailer
The interns arrive next weekend and the farm will be bustling once again.  We have some long transplanting days ahead of us but after a far too long winter, we look forward to the exercise, sun and fresh air. Spring is such an optimistic time on the farm!  I'm giddy with excitement!  Have a glorious Sunday, friends!

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