Monday, April 15, 2013

April snowfalls bring May phone calls from customers wondering if the veggies will be ready on time.  Maybe not for the first few weeks of the Ottawa Farmers' Market but the CSA will definitely have a full basket come the first pickup at the end of June.

Our first year of farming was just like this; it was the spring of 2009, and we were apprentices at the Amazon's Garden.  Winter weather continued well into April and then spring arrived and lasted until September, bypassing summer altogether.  We harvested, weeded and transplanted in the rain because the dry days were so few and far between.  Let's hope this year is not a repeat of 2009.  I want blue skies, temperatures in the high 20s and intermittent rain, dammit!  Luckily, no matter what the weather man brings, we always end up getting a good crop.

Part of that outcome is due to our success growing seedlings in the greenhouse.  This is what it looked like on Friday during, what I hope was, our last snowfall of the season.
Hello baby celery!
 Delicious vegetation!
 The onions have already received their first haircut!
What I mean by "haircut" is, we trim the onions so their energy will go into strengthening the root instead of focusing on the long green shoot.  As they grow and we continue to trim, the green shoots will become thicker and hardier while the bulb and roots do the same, giving the transplants a better chance at surviving in their new home outside.

Well, it seems our collective prayers have been answered; the expected high is 16 degrees and I see blue skies and sun out there!  Jonny used the chainsaw this morning to make a path through the brush for his tractor - the ground is so wet that he can't take his usual route without potentially getting stuck in the mud.  He's going to seed some greens at the back of the greenhouse and needs to get our giant bags of potting soil out of there with the tractor.

Meanwhile, I plan on taking Ayla and her stroller to Embrun to hand out flyers and try to encourage fellow veggie lovers to join our CSA.  June might seem far away but it will be here before we know it.  Our interns arrive in two weeks!  It feels like they just left.

Well, back to business.  Get out there and soak up the vitamin D!

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