Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marching On

The end of March is nigh and the seeding is well underway.  I have to hand it to Jonny for getting all of the leeks, onions and shallots done almost completely by himself (he had some help from our coffee roasting friends, Sarah & Paul of Poppa Bean but other than that, he managed to seed thousands of plants all by his lonesome).  Usually, it's the two of us doing the seeding but now with Ayla more active than ever and requiring lots of attention, I have my hands full.  I haven't had time to fulfill my other duties, like advertising or bookkeeping, although I did manage to coordinate some interviews and we now have a new intern!  That makes two for this year (Joséphine is returning for another year - lucky us!!!) and potentially a third, depending on the success of our CSA registration.  Speaking of which, I'm really excited to use our new online software this year which should streamline everything, from communicating with customers to creating harvest schedules to tracking online veggie orders.  Yay technology!

Back to being swamped...
How do the ladies do it?  I have no idea how to juggle a business, care for a 6-month old, cook meals, keep up with the domestic duties, maintain a social life (or some semblance of such) and still be sane for my husband/partner in crime at the end of the day.  Maybe that's why people used to have kids in their 20s - at 22 I had the energy for all of this.  I could party till 5am then go to school and write an exam three hours later.  At 31, I can barely keep my eyes open after 10pm.  Oh well, my house is dirty, we eat too many tuna melts and canned soup, my social life consists of cracking a beer and signing into Facebook, and the business is not getting nearly enough attention but the baby is healthy, happy and as cute as pumpkin pie!  At least I can still be a good mom.

Ayla's first visit to the greenhouse.
Thanks Maureen Donnelly for the unbelievably cute sweater/hat combo!
It's amazing how much snow we still have.  I don't expect it to disappear for a while.  And you know what that means; the longer the snow is around, the longer it will take for the fields to dry, delaying our field preparation, transplanting and seeding, and ultimately delaying the vegetable harvest.  We like to have veggies available in the middle of May for the farmers' market but this snow may set us back until June.  The joys of farming.  Sigh.
The greenhouse currently looks like this:
March 23rd and still loads of snow.
Thousands of leeks, onions and shallots
hand-seeded by Jonny!
The onions are germinating already!
A balmy 78 degrees inside our plastic paradise.

 Yesterday, Jonny seeded the first round of broccoli and kale and today he's out there seeding Swiss chard.  This week, he'll continue with cauliflower and cabbage.  Ayla's napping so I can get some bookkeeping done and then I'll work on the flyer and advertising, then start buying supplies for the intern accommodations.  Oh yeah, we also have our organic certification application due in a month.  HELP!

If I've learned anything about running a small business, it's to not let the stress overwhelm me.  One thing at a time.  Well, back to work!  Have a great Passover and Easter everyone!

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  1. Dorothy MiddletonMarch 23, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    Excellent newsy letter. Thanks. Must get over and visit your farm and meet Daisy. Lots of work but you sound like your still having fun. Congrats Jonny. Dorothy Middleton