Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Off to a good start: Happy New Year!

The season has already begun and the ice hasn't even melted; Jonny is working on the seed order, I'm wrapping up the bookkeeping for 2012 and starting to advertise the CSA and intern positions.  We are looking for three interns to help us with our 75-member CSA and two farmers' markets.  The Westboro and Brewer Park Farmers' Markets in Ottawa were really enjoyable  last year, so we will be returning for another season.

We are growing slowly and learning a lot in the process.  The best part of having a small business is meeting new people and building those relationships.  We've met some really amazing people; from our stellar interns to our CSA members and market regulars, not to mention fellow farmers - friends for life!  We really are lucky.

The holidays here at Luxy were fabulous!  Our gorgeous baby girl, Ayla, was spoiled by her relatives who came up from Toronto and London to shower her with gifts, kisses and cuddles.  She definitely was the highlight of 2012 and not just for us, her adoring parents!  She's now three and a half months old and starting to develop a personality.  A couple more years and she'll be out in the field with mini rubber boots on, helping me pick peas and beans!

Now the farm is resident to 3 humans, 2 cats and 1 dog.  Unfortunately two dogs was far too much to handle, so Hazel went to a good home in Ottawa.  Molly is becoming an obedient dog but we still have work to do.  By next year, she'll be a trained sled dog for Ayla!

Here she is pulling my nephew Kellen, with Jonny's guidance.

So we're keeping busy, needless to say.  I'm a lot slower completing tasks with a baby in tow, the house is a mess more often than not, and my brain is mush due to lack of sleep combined with postpartum hormones but it's totally worth it.
Family nap time with Jonny, Ayla and Mary Lou.
In another six weeks, we'll be firing up the greenhouse and starting our seedlings.  It's my favourite part of the season!  Inside, the greenhouse is sunny and t-shirt temperature, budding with new life, smelling of potting soil and new beginnings.  The contrasting landscape of snow and naked trees is what makes it magical - it's like being on vacation in a reverse snow-globe.  I'm looking forward to it!

Enjoy your winter and stay warm everyone!

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