Monday, September 24, 2012

CSA Newsletter: Week #14 - Sept 25 & 26

Hello members!
Here are your veggies this week:
  • Acorn squash * Courgeron
  • Delicata squash * Courge delicata
  • Baby carrots * Carottes bébé
  • Peppers * Poivrons
  • Lettuce * Laitue
  • Bok choy * Pe-tsaï
  • Fingerling potatoes * Pommes de terre rattes
  • Spinach * Épinard
  • Cherry tomatoes * Tomates cerises
  • Field tomatoes * Tomates
Acorn squash * Courgeron
 Delicata squash * Courge delicata - also known as "sweet potato squash"
 Fingerling potatoes * Pommes de terre rattes
You can store your squashes in the kitchen for months, so don't feel like they need to be eaten right away.  Check them once in a while for soft spots and use immediately if you find any.  Winter squash is full of vitamin A, vitamin C (a classic antioxidant), minerals, fiber and protein.  Here are 6 Reasons To Eat More Squash!  There are tons of recipes out there for squash soups and roasted squash dishes, and you can add squash to any of your favourite stew, tart, pie, muffin, pasta or frittata recipes.  Roasted squash doesn't even have to be peeled - you can eat the skin.
The baby carrots are tender and delicious - roast them whole with an inch of the tops still on.  The peppers will soon be finished so enjoy them this week.  You can always hollow them out, removing the stem, and freeze on baking trays then transfer to freezer bags for stuffing and baking mid-winter.  Your leafy greens this week are lettuce, bok choy and spinach.  'Tis the season for cool weather crops so enjoy these greens until a hard frost wipes them out!  Sauté or steam your bok choy and toss with butter and garlic.  Add soy sauce or sesame oil and eat as a side dish or in pasta.
Fingerling potatoes are delicious.  Make this fingerling potato salad if you still have leeks from last week or roast them!  The tomatoes will be finished after a hard frost so this may be your last week receiving them.  Tomatoes are always the vegetables I'm sad to see go because the grocery store tomatoes never taste as good during the winter months.  You can order extras if you want to make sauce for the freezer.  We still have eggplants and beets to order separately and more squash, if you'd like to stock up.  See the complete list here.  Only 3 shares left!

On a personal note, my pregnancy has gone very well this year.  I'm very healthy, thanks to all of the awesome vegetables I eat every day, and still feel pretty good and not too huge.  My doctor was impressed with the fact that I continued to have ankles throughout the heat this summer!  I'm officially full-term (37 weeks) this Sunday, so Little Näf could come any day.  We're hoping baby will stay put until the due date (after the CSA is over) but should baby decide to come early and on a CSA day, we might have to postpone pickups that week.  You will be informed immediately, of course.  Thanks for your support and enjoy the veggies this week!
Team Luxy
Feast of Fields - Sunday, September 16th
Nice sign Greg! The interns are also artists!
Our partner chef team from Domus Café!
Sous chef Lindsay Abram with helpers Mark (middle) and Xavier (left).
Intern/artist Joséphine's portrait of Team Luxy.

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