Monday, September 10, 2012

CSA Newsletter: Week #12 - Sept 11 & 12

Good day members,
Your veggies this week:
  • Spinach * Épinards
  • Radishes * Radis
  • Tomatoes * Tomates
  • Beans * Haricots
  • Lettuce * Laitue
  • Peppers * Poivrons
  • Beets * Betteraves
  • Eggplant * Aubergine
  • Celery * Cèleri
What a great time of year!  The veggies are colourful and delicious, the temperature is cool and refreshing, and the fall crops are almost ready!  Over the next four weeks, you can expect a variety of winter squash, more potatoes, sweet potatoes (yay!) and leeks.
Baby spinach is in your share this week.  Sauté and add to an omelet, make spinach pie or that delicious greens and cheese strudel again, or eat it raw in a salad with your lettuce.  Add crispy radishes to your salads, sandwiches or try this crab salad, which also calls for a few other items on your list.  Your tomatoes can be cut in half, frozen on baking sheets then put into freezer bags once rock solid, if you'd like to save some for winter.  Here's a delicious ratatouille recipe Joséphine made for us this weekend, which calls for tomatoes, eggplant, and your green peppers.  Here's a recipe for green bean casserole.  There are quicker versions available on the internet but this looks like the healthiest option.  The beets are getting big!  Blanch and freeze them in air-tight freezer bags for winter.  Celery is one of those difficult-to-grow crops because the pests just love them.  Row cover has been a big help this year and last.  Enjoy this special vegetable in soups, sauces, or raw with a dollop of peanut butter on top.  My mom used to make us 'ants on a log' - celery sticks with a smear of peanut butter and raisins 'crawling' along the ridge!

Just a reminder that we will be at Feast of Fields this Sunday!  Get your tickets soon and enjoy a day of eating, drinking and hanging out with your local farmer-chef teams!  We are paired up again with Domus Café and the lovely Sous Chef, Lindsay Anne Abram, will be preparing a confit garlic and thyme bread to accompany her smoked tomato, roasted eggplant and Parmesan bisque - YUM!

Team Luxy

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