Monday, September 3, 2012

CSA Newsletter: Week #11 - Sept 4 & 5

Happy Labour Day members!

We hope you are enjoying a relaxing long weekend.  You can expect the following veggies this week:
  • Beans * Haricots
  • Tomatoes * Tomates
  • Lettuce * Laitue
  • Carrots * Carottes
  • Onions * Oignons
  • Peppers * Poivrons
  • Eggplant * Aubergine
  • Cucumbers * Concombres
  • Zucchinis * Courgettes
You will receive another pound of beans this week, hopefully a mix of both green and yellow.  Sauté your beans in butter or oil and add bacon or pancetta bits and garlic.  Try making a potato and bean salad, if you have leftover potatoes from last week; boil your potatoes until tender then sauté beans, garlic and onions until tender.  Whip up a dressing (try Jonny's Famous Sauce with a few dollops of mayonnaise whipped in) and toss together with all of the vegetables.  Add diced cucumbers for a cool crunch.  Tomatoes, if not eaten raw, can be cooked into a sauce or paste for pasta or pizza.  Try making this bruschetta recipe and replace the roma tomatoes with your field or cherry tomatoes.  Carrots are finally back!  If you can keep yourself from eating them immediately, try baking carrot muffins.  Here's a simple vegetarian lasagna recipe for using up your peppers.  Add layers of eggplant and zucchini to make it more interesting. It's still nice enough to BBQ - peppers and zucchinis, along with mushrooms, onion chunks and eggplant, make delicious vegetable skewers, an easy side dish for your barbequed meats.

We hope you're enjoying the summer bounty!  Fall is right around the corner, and with fall comes a new selection of veggies.  We checked the winter squash today and they should be ready in the next few weeks, along with the pie pumpkins, leeks and celery!  The kale, broccoli and cauliflower are still small but the spinach is almost ready to harvest.  Have a great week and bon appétit!

Team Luxy

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