Monday, August 13, 2012

CSA Newsletter: Week #8 - Aug 14 & 15

Hello members,
Here are your veggies this week:

New red potatoes * Pommes de terre nouvelles rouges
Garlic * Ail
Onions * Oignons
Watermelon * Melon d'eau
Beets * Betteraves
Zucchinis * Courgettes
Cucumbers * Concombres
Lettuce * Laitue
Eggplant * Aubergine

Still no large tomatoes or beans.  There are plenty of flowers but no fruit.  I know you're all as frustrated as I am and again, I apologize for the delay.  Some of the cash cropping farmers who grow corn are finding the same thing - stunted plants with no cobs.  Hopefully later in the season we'll be overwhelmed by tomatoes and beans, like we were last year!
You'll receive 3 pounds of new red potatoes.  If you'd like to order extra pounds, send me an email by tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9am.  Extras cost $2.50/lb.  We are now offering extra garlic for $10/lb, a much cheaper price than we offered last year and definitely a better product.  You'll get your usual eggplant, zucchinis and cucumbers this week, as well as a mix of red and white onions, another yellow watermelon, beets, and two small heads of letuce.

Baingan bharta is one of my favourite Indian dishes.  Try making it at home with your eggplant and serve with rice or use as a spread on pita or toast.  Here are a bunch of other great eggplant recipes.  I posted a receipe for zucchini fritters last week and tried them myself - delicious!  Mine were a little more like pancakes.  Below the fritter recipe is a link for fried green tomatoes, if you have any left from last week.  We ate them for lunch today but a simpler version - I sliced the green tomatoes, dipped them in a mixture of whisked milk and egg, then dipped them in a mixture of flour, black pepper and seasoning (I have a meat seasoning with salt, sugar, dehydrated onions, garlic and peppers which was tasty with the tomatoes.)  I then fried the battered tomatoes in a pan with sunflower oil until golden brown and fairly tender.

Here's an idea for your onions - onion rings!  They'll be mini, since the onions are still small but who doesn't love onion rings?  If you haven't tried yet, now is the time for roasted garlic.  Use it as a spread or mix into mashed potatoes or homemade mayonaise (aioli) for a pizza dipper.  Homemade pizzas are perfect for right now - you can use everything in your share as a topper, except for the lettuce, melon and cucumbers.  Those can go into an accompanying salad.

And finally, beets are back again; get our your canning equipment for pickled beets (you can order more for $4/bunch should you decide to do a large batch or swap some from the trade box because not everyone likes them) or blanch and peel them before sealing in freezer bags with the air sucked out and eat in the winter.  Jo baked some delicious vegan beet chocolate cupcakes!  Here's a dairy version of beet chocolate cupcakes.

Enjoy your fresh, local, organic veggies, everyone!
Team Luxy

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