Friday, August 24, 2012

CSA Newsletter: Week #10 - Aug 28 & 29

Hello members,
Your newsletter is coming to you four days early because Jonny and I will be away next week and will have little to no access to cell or internet service.  Gideon Näf will be taking care of the pickups and drop offs so you will see his smily face, along with our fabulous interns, of course.  Unless you've already spoken to me about ordering extras, you'll have to wait until the following week to do so.  Gideon has enough on his hands doing the jobs of both Jonny and I!

You can expect the following items in your share (but things can change in 4 days and the items might not be exactly as follows):
  • Potatoes * Pommes de terre
  • Beans!!! * Haricots!!!
  • Tomatoes * Tomates
  • Garlic * Ail
  • Lettuce * Laitue
  • Cucumbers * Concombres
  • Zucchinis * Courgettes
  • Eggplant * Aubergine
  • Honeydew melon * Melon miel
  • Herbs - parsley, basil & thyme * Herbes - persil, basilic et thym
Wow, we finally have beans!  Snack on them raw or sauté in sesame oil with a touch of soy sauce, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.  The potatoes are fantastic roasted with rosemary, salt, pepper and olive oil.  If you like them saucy, toss them in a mixture of ketchup, BBQ sauce and sweet chili sauce then return to the oven for 10 more minutes.  There is no need to peel them as the skin is still thin and most of the nutrients are found in the skins.  The tomatoes are not our best crop but still juicy and delicious.  My favourite snack is oven toasted bread topped with melted cheese, fresh sliced tomato and a chiffonade of basil.  Oven roasted tomatoes are another delicious idea!
Are you sick of zucchinis yet?  Make some zucchini bread for the freezer and you'll be grateful to have it in the winter.  You can also shred your zucchini and freeze it in ziplock bags to use in soups.  If you haven't tried eggplant parmesan, now is as good a time as ever!  Honeydew melons are back again this week.  We've been enjoying our first excellent crop of melons and we hope you have been too!  We suspect our success is due to a combination of the heat we received this summer, the black plastic mulch we planted the melons into, and the irrigation we were able to provide throughout the drought - on top of the fact that we have really fertile clay/loam soil.
You will receive a small bunch of herbs, more of a taster than anything.  We weren't able to irrigate the herbs so they are not as abundant as our crop last year.  Use them as a garnish or chopped into any dish, right at the end of your cooking time, to get the full effect of the flavours.  Dried herbs are meant to be added to cooking at the beginning of the process and fresh at the end.
Have a great week next week and we'll see you for week #11!  Wow, this summer has flown by...

Team Luxy

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