Friday, July 13, 2012

On A Personal Note

Hi there!

It's another steamy day at Luxy Farm.  The interns are out weeding, Jonny's harvesting for market and I'm blogging in our relatively cool house (if you can call 32 degrees 'cool' on a 40 degree day).
"Why have you been such a princess this year?" you're probably thinking to yourself.  Well, there is a good reason for why I've been putting in more hours as administrator/cook/housekeeper and fewer as slave to the weeds (although it does still happen, for the time being).  It's not that I've been drinking an excessive amount of beer, hence the protruding belly.  It's more along the lines of me growing not only veggies in the field but a human inside my body.  Yes, I'm knocked up.  I've been relatively secretive about it to this point but it's becoming obvious so instead of letting rumors fly (as they do quite rapidly out here in the country) I'm setting the record straight.  I'll be at the 6 month milestone in 8 days.

It's been tough and also fantastic.  We wouldn't have survived this summer without Joséphine Daigle.  She's a hard worker, easy to live with, and fun to hang around.
We love you, Jo.
 She's also a talented artist, a great cook and bilingual.
 We also have our new intern Greg to thank.  He was thrown right into the weeds two weeks ago and is keeping up with Jo.  He also makes me laugh on a daily basis.  We're so lucky to have you, Greg/Ben/Chris!
 Loving the jazz hands - I think they enjoy working here.
As you can see, the garlic has been harvested and we have our planting crew to thank for helping to produce such a wonderful and abundant crop; Lucette and son, Caroline, Paul, Sarah, Shua, Dupps - you guys were awesome last fall!  The results are beautiful and taste delicious.
Eastern Ontario is about to be issued a level 2 drought warning.  We haven't had a decent rainfall in over a month.  Luckily, our new irrigation system is coming in very handy but the farmers feeding their herds and flocks on pasture are losing money and desperate for water.  We haven't experienced too much loss yet but the weeds are thriving in these desert-like conditions and have gotten away from us.  We haven't been able to plant our buckwheat green manure or sweet corn, and at this point, it might be too late.
Buckwheat awaiting a rainy forecast.
However, we are managing to feed the CSA, Farmers' Market patrons, and ourselves.  In fact, the veggies are as delicious as always.  We do need rain though.  Irrigation will only get us so far and is extra work because it needs to be dragged around the field - we don't have enough drip tape or sprinklers to irrigate the entire field in one shot.  And we need our labour force focused on weeding!
The onions have reappeared, after a few weeding sessions!
 A lot of those weeds are taller than me!  It makes my heart skip a beat just looking at them.
 Jonny's harvesting for the Cumberland Market tomorrow - I think those are angry finger eyebrows.  I know, I hate the weeds, too.  But hey, we're organic and can feel good about not using chemicals or synthetic fertilizers!  I'd hate to be putting that garbage into the land and my body, especially now.  
 A gigantic THANK YOU to my dear husband.  He's been patient and tolerant throughout months of nausea, mood swings, back ache, etc.  He's been picking up my slack EVERYWHERE and I'm forever grateful.  The experience of pregnancy has been much more enjoyable, thanks to him.  He's going to be a great daddy.
Worker beez fighting the weeds in this crazy heat - Go Team Luxy!
 Ahhhh (sigh of relief).  There are patches of garden that look presentable. Lettuce is on the right and very small beans are on the left.
 Eggplants on black plastic mulch.
 Zucchinis, patty pans and squash, looking fabulous!
 I can't WAIT to get that on the BBQ!
Oh, sweet potatoes!  I thought we had lost you forever!
 EW.  Colorado potato beetle larvae.  The joys of being pesticide-free!
 Our farm dogs are slowly becoming more obedient although Molly is pretty nuts.
At least she understands the command "sit" now!
They love the kiddy pool and their new friend Ralph, who we are doggy-sitting for two weeks.
And on that note, keep your fingers crossed for rain and we'll keep weeding, seeding and feeding!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats Daizy & Jonny! Very happy for you! Wishing you rain, very soon!

  2. Rock on, Daizy, rock on!

    Here's my video rain dance for you...