Monday, July 30, 2012

CSA Newsletter: Week #6 - July 31 & Aug 1

Happy Monday members!

Here are the veggies you'll receive this week:
  • New potatoes * pommes de terre
  • Lettuce * laitue
  • Zucchinis and pattypans * courgettes et pâtissons
  • Cucumbers * concombres
  • Eggplants * aubergines
  • Onions * oignons
  • Garlic * ail
Please remember to be at your pickup between 5-7pm.  If missed shares are not picked up from the farm by Thursday afternoon, they will be donated to the foodbank at 6pm.

New to your shares this week are potatoes and eggplants.  The potatoes are small and tender - absolutely delicious!  There is no need to peel your new potatoes, simply wash off any remaining dirt, chop and sprinkle with olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper and roast along with chopped onions and whole garlic cloves.  Have them with eggs and bacon for breakfast or steak for dinner.  Eggplants are highly misunderstood.  They are easy to prepare and so delicious, yet so many people shy away from them.  Poke a few holes in the skin with a fork then put the entire eggplant on your BBQ and cook until the skin is black and can peel right off.  Scoop out the inside to make baba ganoush and serve with pita for a nice appetizer or snack.  You can also slice the eggplant along with your zucchinis, toss together in a dressing and BBQ on both sides until tender.  Eat your barbequed zucchini and eggplant as a side dish or on a sandwhich with goat cheese, grilled red peppers and pesto.
For lunch today, I prepared pattypans stuffed with a delicious cucumber and couscous mixture, alongside pork chops and boiled beets, which were tossed in Jonny's dressing and served with a dollop of yogurt.  Yum!
I've posted some eggplant recipes from the past two years and here's a simple zucchini recipe from one of the members.  Here's another quick recipe posted by that same member - the cauliflower in this recipe can be substituted with just about any other vegetable.  Thanks Erin!

Bon appétit!
Team Luxy

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