Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CSA Newsletter: Week #5 - July 24 & 25

Hello members!
Your veggies this week:
  • Green and red leaf lettuce * laitue rouge et verte
  • Red onions * oignons rouge
  • Garlic * ail
  • Zucchinis and patty pans * courgettes et pรขtissons
  • Cucumbers * concombres
  •  Beets * betteraves
The sprinkling of rain we’ve had here and there has been nice but not enough to make a difference with the crops.  Production is slow and therefore, you’ll be receiving items like tomatoes, beans and celery later than usual.  Greenhouse tomatoes are available at the farmers' market now, if you can’t wait!  Ours should be ready in another couple of weeks.

Your Luxy lettuce can be tossed with the cucumbers and red onions this week for a delicious salad.  Add feta, olives, tomatoes and a balsamic dressing for a Mediterranean kick!  Cucumbers will also make a nice cold soup, which saves you from turning on your oven in this brutal heat!
Garlic, zucchinis, patty pans, onions and beets are delicious roasted.  Peel your garlic and beets, chop the zucchinis and onions into chunks, then toss in a dressing or marinade, or simply coat with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper.  Roast your veggies at 375°F for 30-45 minutes (the amount of time required will depend on the size of your chopped veggies) and stir occasionally.  You can also seal the prepared veggies in tin foil and place on the highest rack of your BBQ.  Keep checking to make sure they don't burn and remove when tender.  

If you still have beets from last week, trying making a beet soup or Borscht.  Here is a delicious zucchini cake I love to make.  There are many recipes on the internet, if you’re interested in using different ingredients in your loaf or cake.  Zucchinis, patty pans, onions and garlic will also make a great quiche.  Whisk a tablespoon of curry powder into your eggs before pouring onto your quiche, for a new twist.

Patty pans are a summer squash like zucchini and can be used the same way.  There is no need to peel them - the skin is thin enough to eat, unlike winter squash.  Try hollowing out the middle and stuffing with a rice and beef mixture or a homemade spaghetti sauce, and topping with fresh basil and grated cheese.  Bake until the patty pan is tender enough to slice into and serve as a main or side dish.
If you want your veggies to stay fresh and crisp, they should be kept in the fridge in plastic.  The leafy greens won’t wilt quickly this way, the beets won’t become soft and everything will last longer.  The garlic can stay in a dry, dark place throughout the season and well past December.  Your zucchinis can be kept on the counter if you plan on eating them within a few days, otherwise put them in the fridge.  Onions can stay in the fridge as well because they haven’t been cured and don’t have a dry protective layer.

Enjoy your veggies this week and thank you for posting recipes!  We'd love to see pictures of your culinary creations, too!

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