Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo update - May 28th

We have a farm tour today - we're hosting other local farmers and their interns.  It's a great learning experience for both because we all have different ways of doing things (some more efficient than others - that's what we want to learn when we go to their farms in the coming months) and the interns get exposure to different kinds of farms and processes as well.  Saturday was spent cleaning up the farm.  The rest of the week will be spent transplanting and cleaning up the weeds!  We're crossing our fingers for excellent weather conditions so the CSA can begin on June 19th but if there isn't a large enough selection of vegetables, we may have to wait until June 26th.  We'll keep you updated!

Jonny was removing dead tree stumps.
Jo was cutting down weed trees
 and cleaning up our "pool garden" so we can put some flowers in there.
 I organized the greenhouse on Friday.  The leeks and onions have been transplanted into the field making room on the empty beds for tomato and pepper seedlings that have been potted up.
These pepper seedlings still need potting up.  The row cover behind is keeping the striped cucumber beetles off of the cucurbits.
More baby seedlings and one lone acroclinium flower.
 We've been bringing the spinach, radishes and mixed greens in the back of the greenhouse to market on Fridays.
 The cucurbits under the row cover are getting huge!
 It looks like a good year for garlic!  No sign of scapes yet - soon!
 Drip irrigation is watering the onions and leeks.  It's been very dry here in St. Albert.
 Peas and plenty of weeds.  So much to do!
 The lettuce is almost ready!
 Row cover in the field is protecting the brassicas from cabbage moths.
It's almost June!  Happy planting!

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