Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10th update

We've hired our first intern here at Luxy Farm and she started May 1st.  The help was greatly needed and we're so happy we followed our instincts and hired Joséphine, or JoJo Bean, as Jonny has nicknamed her.  She's sweet, funny, hardworking, artistic and enjoys listening to music with us.  Her presence allows me time for bookkeeping and other office work, as well as time to cook tasty lunches for all of us.  I like the balance of inside/outside work and Jonny and JoJo Bean, after 9 and sometimes 12 hour days outside, will soon be showing off their muscles when tank-top weather finally arrives.  Read about Joséphine's experiences on the farm here:

Not only is JoJo Bean learning how to be an organic gardener, we in exchange are learning a little French!  My new favourite word (which also happens to be the only thing we can harvest right now) is ciboulette!

Today we are transplanting onions and before I head out there to get dirty, I want to update our CSA members on our progress.  We are hoping to begin the CSA on June 19th & 20th but we may have to wait until the following week, June 26th & 27th.  It all depends on the kind of weather this next month brings.  We will have a better idea by the end of May.  Our pickup locations have been confirmed and updated on this website.  There are still spots available in the CSA so tell your friends and families!

The Orléans market begins next week but I'm not sure our greenhouse veggies will be ready in time.  We may have to start the following week.  Our tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings still need potting-up before we can sell them.

The garlic we planted last fall looks beautiful!  I'm excited for our first taste of garlic scapes!

Basil, eggplant, tomato and pepper seedlings
 This was the first of hundreds of zucchini, winter squash, summer squash, cantaloup, watermelon, and cucumber seedlings to emerge last weekend.  They all followed shortly and are growing rapidly now.
 We will be selling some flower seedlings at the market this year.
 This round of lettuce and Swiss chard seedlings have already been transplanted.
A very "green" house.
 Our lazy Django lounging between the leeks and celery.

 These seedlings are outside "hardening-off" before being transplanted in the field.  This gets them used to the real weather after having an easy life in a closely monitored greenhouse.
 There he is again!
 The enemy.  You stand no chance, weed.
Our new garden 
 Lettuce - straighten up those rows!
Green & red cabbage
 A lovely blue sky over Luxy Farm.
Another photo update will follow soon.
Farmer Daizy

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