Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's starting to look a little like winter

This has been quite a mild winter for Eastern Ontario.  There's not even an inch of snow on the ground and I still see green grass on the neighbours' lawn.  However, it gets dark very early and all I feel like doing these days is sleep - it's definitely winter.  The Christmas Farmers' Markets have been nice and busy - great venues to buy local gifts.  I'm done shopping but still have a bunch of Christmas cards to send out.

I've been busy vacationing in Toronto and job hunting in Ottawa since the farm closed for the season in November.  Toronto was fabulous as usual and I miss everyone so much!  Luckily, I won't have to miss someone for much longer - my sister is moving here!!!  I'm so excited to have my partner in crime only 10 minutes away!  Not only do I get my sister - I also get my brother-in-law and nephew too, who happens to be the cutest baby EVER!

The job hunt was successful and I've started training at Bridgehead, an organic and fair trade coffee/tea shop.  I was totally impressed with Bridgehead when I first discovered it almost three years ago.  Their dedication to sustainability is unprecedented for such a company.  They have 12 locations in Ottawa but I don't think they have plans to spread beyond the city.  Too bad Toronto because the coffee, tea and food is BETTER than Starbucks or any of those other coffee chains, and most of their waste is compostable.  Nice.

I've also been waitressing at Knox, which has been fun.  Lots of Christmas parties and a bustling New Year's Eve to look forward to.

On a sad note, our lovely dog Gina died, just shortly after the CSA finished.  It's just Jonny, Django, Mary Lou and I on the farm...for now.

In memory of Gina, Best Dog Ever.

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas & and a bumpin' Kwanza to all!

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