Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The CSA ends for another year.

It is hard to believe that it's over.  For the past 17 weeks, we've spent our Mondays washing harvest bins, searching for recipes and writing the weekly newsletter, touring the garden while making notes about the harvest, and for the past few weeks, checking for orders on the Eastern Ontario Local Food Co-op.
Tuesdays were spent harvesting from 6:30 or 7am until 3:30pm, and then waiting from 5 until 8pm at our pickup location in Embrun, for members to collect their shares.
Wednesdays were repeats of Tuesdays except that the pickup locations were at the farm and in Rockcliffe.
Thursdays were good weeding/planting days where we could relax and take our time.  We've also been taking orders and delivering to Knox Fine Dining in Moose Creek; another task to fill up our Thursdays.
Fridays were harvest days for the Metcalfe Farmers' Market, which took place on Saturdays from 8am until noon and came to a close this past weekend.
Saturdays began at 5:30am, our earliest day of the week (for Jonny, not me.)  We would harvest the last few items for market, such as lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, herbs - things that would wilt, had they been harvested any earlier.  Then we would pack up the car and be on the road for 7am.  Post-market, some work got done but I tried to avoid it, if I could.
Every other Sunday, I spent a long day at the Landsdown Market for the Swiss Farmer Bakery.  I would get up at 4:45am and leave for the bakery at 5:30 (I need time in the morning to have coffee and check my emails - I hate rushing when my brain is still waking up.)  I'd leave the bakery at 6:30 with a car full of steamy bread and treats and not return home until about 5:30pm.  Meanwhile, back at the farm, Jonny would have our farm gate prepared for drop-ins, with a sandwich board sign informing traffic of our available organic veggies, from 10am until 3pm.
Sunday evenings were pretty much a write-off, and we dedicated those few hours to catching up on our favourite TV series'.
And then, back to Monday.  We took two weekends off this summer; one was for two back-to-back weddings, and the other for my birthday.

And that's a quick glance at our day-to-day for the past 17 weeks of our lives.  We've had a really good response from our CSA members (and a few deposits for next year!)  There were some rough patches, like too much rain then not enough rain, crop failures (corn, pie pumpkins), not having the time to plant a crop altogether (sweet potatoes), and the stress of not knowing if there would be enough.
But Jonny and I did it.  Honourable mention goes to Jonny, for his calm and collected attitude gave me the courage to keep going, when things got tough.
Jonny, you're amazing.
And now I'm ready for winter.

However, it's not over yet.  We still have irrigation and landscape fabric to collect from the fields, crop to sell and harvest, a greenhouse and shed to clean and organize, garlic to plant...will it ever end?
Hopefully by Halloween, but we'll see.

The Fall Harvest

Italian 'Milan' turnips
 Bok Choy
 Celery Art
 Thanksgiving with Dad
 Jonny's invention: The Irrigation Caddy
 I even managed to throw a gig in there somewhere:
The Electric Company at The Rainbow, Oct. 9th

Photos by Jonathan Näf


  1. Daizy, you look so great on stage. I love the celery art too.

  2. Thanks Val! Jonny does cool stuff with that camera!