Thursday, September 15, 2011

Luxy Farm on 'D' is for Dinner, CBC Radio 1

I did an interview with Alan Neal from the program 'All in a Day' on CBC Radio 1, 91.5FM in Ottawa.  He had me as the feature guest for the 'D' is for Dinner segment, on which I educated the audience about pattypan squash.  It was fun going down to Sparks Street and getting a glimpse of the broadcast world!  Jonny and I have been listening to CBC daily since we started our apprenticeship where hours were spent putting tiny seeds into little cells, with the radio as our soundtrack.

It took me back to those few month in London, Ontario, when I took a semester of Broadcast Journalism at Fanshawe College.  Keyboards were chattering away accompanied by the low hum of computers, TV screens, hushed voices, and a French television show being filmed in a studio slightly set back from the sea of cubicles and colourful monitors.
I had a moment of regret, feeling the energy in the place and wishing I could work in such an environment, but then remembered how much I disliked the broadcast program and decided to enjoy the moment.

Alan Neal was lovely and made a nervous me, feel comfortable and at home in front of the round table, decorated with microphones, head phones and a computer.  You'd think with all of my experience as a singer, that an 8 minute interview would be a walk in the park, but I was nervous!  Singing is easy and I can perform in front of hundreds of people, no problem, because the script is predetermined and I (usually) know my lines.  I had a rough idea of how the interview would pan out but there was no script and I'd have to think fast and try not to say something silly.

Luckily, the topic was pattypans.  I've been growing, cooking, and eating them for over two years now, so I'm pretty much a pro...right?  I brought him a sample (more like a smorgasbord) of stuffed pattypans, as well as barbequed pattypans and zucchini, for comparing flavours.  The interview went well (when I asked for an honest, off-air opinion, Alan said he sincerely enjoyed my food and told me that he once had to say a dish was 'interesting' on air, meaning it was not so enjoyable!)  I managed to get a few pictures of the building for Jonny, who would have loved to be there but was doing our Rockcliffe Vegetable drop off.  "Somebody has to do some work around here", he says.  Well, I think I did a good job of not only promoting our farm, but also the Metcalfe Farmers' Market and Knox Fine Dining in Moose Creek.

Here's the interview:

Here's my mom!
She drove me to CBC because we are currently down to one vehicle,
which was full of veggies at the moment.
 The news room

Sparks Street, Ottawa
 The announcers can see Sparks Street from behind the microphone.
 I was sitting at the table behind one of these windows.
Very exciting!  Now back to the harvest.


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