Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feast of Fields & CBC interview - TODAY at 3:40!

If you made it out to Feast of Fields on Sept. 11th, you probably tried the chilled beet root and heirloom tomato soup prepared by our partner chef John Taylor of Domus CafĂ©.  It was a brilliant fuchsia colour with incredible texture.  A summer vegetable chutney gave the concoction crunch and a dollop of whipped goat cheese added a velvety touch, topped with a cider reduction for a burst of sweetness.  Even the vegans were able to taste our creation, minus the goat cheese.  We supplied 50 pounds of beets for the occasion; 40 pounds of purple and 10 pounds each of yellow and candy cane striped, not to mention 10 pounds of tomatoes, 15 pounds of zucchinis, 6 bunches of green onions, 5 pounds of red onions, 30 cucumbers, and 10 bulbs of garlic.  John was able to make over 300 servings.  Luxy Farm & Domus Cafe won the prize for 'Best Booth'!  It was a gift basket of organic goodies.  There was a fantastic turnout and all of the farmer-chef teams did an incredible job.  We were really happy to see Beau's there!  Luxy Farm will definitely attend next year's Feast of Fields!

50 pounds of beets
 Candy Cane or Chiogga
Setting up 
 Best Booth!
 Chilled beet & tomato soup
 Adrian Harewood of CBC announcing our win
 Farmer and GQ model, Jonny!
Me & John Taylor 
 Our gift basket

Today I will be on CBC Ottawa 91.5 talking about pattypans!  Tune in at 3:40pm if you're in the area or check out our facebook later this evening for a link to the interview.


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  1. Congrats on the best booth Daizy! The veggies look insanely good!